School Attendance success is based on good attendance, participation and retention in the school system as long as possible.

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Ms Marian Horan is our Education Welfare Officer. We have close links with her on a formal and informal basis

Our School Attendance Officer is our secretary, Mrs Ann Byrne who is responsible for the monitoring of daily attendance in the school

A daily online reporting system to Mrs Byrne is carried out by the class teachers

School Attendance Officer, Class teachers, HSCL Co-ordinator and Principal communicate regularly to discuss attendance. Where difficulty is identified the HSCL Co-ordinator supports the family on an ongoing basis

Attendance certificate

The Post Holder, Ms Hehir links with School Attendance Officer Mrs Byrne to identify those classes to be rewarded a Certificate of High Attendance or Improved Attendance monthly. The Principal announces the winners to the whole school over the PA system and visits the winning classes with an edible reward. The children look forward to this event every month with great excitement 


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