Green school

The Green Flag

Marymount G.N.S. is proud to call itself a ‘Green Flag School’. This programme run by An Taisce in Ireland is an intentional environmental education programme designed to educate pupils in all areas of environmental awareness.  There are six flags in the programme and we currently have two of these flags. 

Marymount 2nd Green Flag

Litter and Waste Flag

For this flag the pupils of Marymount learned and put into practise the importance of keeping our environment clean and tidy by not littering and recycling paper and plastic bottles.  The key motto the children learned from working towards this flag was ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.  The school also takes part in the An Taisce ‘Spring Clean’, which is held once a year. 

Energy Flag

The pupils ran a ‘Turn off the lights and Close Doors’ campaign, to encourage the whole school to keep the heat in and save energy.  Our ‘Super Hero’ action day saw the pupils saving electricity throughout the school and being part of the ‘Super Energy Savers’.

Green Flag Board

The Green Flag Committee

Our Green Flag committee is run by the pupils who hold monthly meetings.  The committee continuously monitor that classes are recycling, that our school is a litter free zone and that the school is saving energy by closing doors and turning off electrical devices and lights when not in use.  

Marymount School looks forward to the working towards the next Green Flag, the ‘Water Flag’ and we strive to continue to be part of this international community.

Marymount Green Flag DCU