Home School Community Liaison

Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL)

Home School Community liaison Coordinators are teachers on the staff of the school(s) where they work.

The coordinators are released from teaching duties and engage in full time liaison work between the home, the school and the community.

The Home School Community Liaison teacher works to support parents with their child’s education in whatever way is suitable for the family.

Our Home School Community Liaison Coordinator is Bairbre English. Bairbre works in partnership with the school, the home and the community.

You can find her in the school any morning or she can be contacted on 089 4694093. 

Goals of the HSCL Scheme

  • To promote active co-operation between home, school and community agencies
  • To raise awareness in parents of their own abilities to enhance their children’s education and to assist them in developing relevant skills
  • To maximise active participation of the children in school
  • To enhance the children’s uptake from education, their retention in the educational system, and their attitudes to life-long learning
  • To spread the positive outcomes of the scheme throughout the school system generally 

Home Visits

The Home School Community Liaison teacher visits many parents in their homes. This is the cornerstone of the Home School Community Liaison scheme and a very important part of the work of the coordinator. It helps form bonds of trust between home and school.

Parents' Room

The Parents' room is located at the back of the infant area right beside the Home School Community Liaison office. It is available to parents all day every day. Parents are always welcome to come in and chat over a cup of tea or help a younger child with homework while waiting for an older child to finish school. There is a computer available to parents and books to borrow. There are also toys and books for younger children.

maths for fun.

Classes and Courses

Home School Community Liaison coordinators organise a variety of classes and courses for parents during the school year. They take place in the parents room or in the school library. Courses that have run in Marymount include: Keep Fit, Back to Basics Maths, FETAC 3 Maths, Flower Arranging, Crafts, FETAC 3 and 4 Computers, The Incredible Years Parenting Programme. Suggestions for classes are always welcome!

Parent Computer Class

Involving Parents in School

The Home School Community Liaison teacher works to help parents support their children at school. Parents are always very welcome in the school and participate in various activities. Recent activities have included: Literacy Stations in First Class, Maths Games in the Infant Classes, and Science Workshops with 6th Class Pupils. Parent and Child after School activities have included “Science for Fun” and “Maths for Fun”. Parents also give the school great support by volunteering to help during our school dance show, sports day, and other busy times of the year! Parents are encouraged to join the Parents Council and take an active part in the life of the school.

Parent Craft Class

Local Education Committee

The Local Education Committee consists of principals, Home School Community Liaison coordinators, School Completion Programme Coordinator, other school personnel, local voluntary and statutory agencies and parents. It identifies and addresses issues in the community that affect childrens learning and life in the community. Meetings are organised by Home School Community Liaison coordinators.

Over the past few years Drogheda Local Education Committee has organised “Drogheda Reads Roddy Doyle” and “Drogheda Counts” which were projects to promote Literacy and Maths in the Community.

The most recent project is called “Drogheda Minds” and it aims to support approaches to Positive Mental Health in the schools and local community.

Parents Support the work of the school

Other Supports

Transfer to Secondary School
School attendance and punctuality
Healthy eating / lunches 
Form filling, letters and applications
Referrals to support services
Advice and information re: bullying, internet abuse, parenting