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Marymount Commemorates the 1916 Rising

A little bit of Irish history was remembered at Marymount on January 14th 2015 when the school was presented with an Irish flag and a copy of the 1916 Proclamation by a delegation from the Defence Forces.

During the ceremony, the Tricolour and Proclamation were accepted on behalf of the school by two fifth class pupils, Éabha Cosgrove and Ella Brady whose great grandfathers were both involved in the war of independence.

Eabha’s Great Grandfather Tom Burke  was a volunteer in 1916 and was subsequently interned in Frongoch in Wales where he became a trusted friend of Michael Collins and on his release went on to become one of the Big Fellow’s “silent couriers”.

Ella Brady’s Great Grandfather was James Joseph O’Connor who operated as a messenger in Dublin for the republican movement when he was still a young boy. At the time of the Easter Rising he was still only 13 years old and his parents were so worried that he would join the fighting that they hid his shoes so he could not participate. He later became a member of the North Dublin battalion of Na Fianna.

On March 15th 2016. We will have a special ceremony to fly the Irish tricolour at our school.

Marymount School celebrates becoming a Green Flag School

Marymount recently celebrated a special day because having worked hard to reduce energy consumption and increase its recycling efforts it has been recognised as a Green Flag School by An Taisce.

Student Alanna Smith explains: “Marymount School is proud to call itself a ‘Green Flag School’. The Green Flag Programme run by An Taisce in Ireland is an international environmental education programme designed to educate school children in all areas of environmental awareness.

“There are six flags in the programme and Marymount currently has two of these flags. The first flag achieved was for “Litter and Waste” and now we have the energy flag.While working towards our second flag the committee continued with the activities that achieved the litter and waste flag for the school.

 “For the litter and waste flag the pupils of Marymount learnt and put into practice the importance of keeping our environment clean and tidy by not littering and recycling paper and plastic bottles

“The key motto that everyone learnt from working towards the flag was “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. The school also takes part in the An Taisce ‘Spring Clean’ which is held every year.”

Fellow pupil Susan Olamiju takes up the story: “To obtain our newest flag, ‘The Energy Flag’, the pupils ran a ‘Turn off the light and Close Doors’ campaign to encourage the whole school to keep the heat in and save energy. Our ‘Super Hero’ action day involved the pupils saving electricity throughout the school and being part of the ‘Super Energy Savers’.

“Projects were completed by 3rd to 6th classes based on Trocaire’s “Climate Change, Climate Justice” packs and awareness posters on saving energy were displayed throughout the school.

“Energy surveys and an appliance survey were carried out. A draft and insulation survey, a stand by survey and a light audit were carried out and al information gathered was discussed, reviewed and written up in an environmental review by the committee members.

Over a space of two years a reduction of 25% was made on the amount of gas used to heat the school and a further 25% reduction in our carbon emissions.

Marymount School looks forward to working towards the next green flag which is the ‘Water flag and we strive to continue to be part of the international green community.

Local TD and Minister, GED Nash was in Marymount on the day to commend the girls on their hard work and to present them with the green flag.  The girls responded by singing some lively renditions of some well-known songs.